About me 
Everything has a beginning and all my cooking begins with my passion for quality, fresh, seasonal ingredients.

We live in Novato, the Gateway to the wine country and amazing farm produce, this town is my little slice of Heaven.
I have been cooking for my family, friends and clients for over twenty years. When I moved from Ireland to Florida, I waitressed for a short while in an Irish bar, one day the Chef did not show, so I offered to take his place, I never left the kitchen after that and my flirtation with professional cooking began.
Later I moved to Boston where I worked in commercial interior design and also started a series of Irish cooking classes on the side.
Shortly after my parents passed, I decided to truly follow my passion and I enrolled in the San Francisco Culinary School, where I graduated top of my class. My internship was at the wonderful Insalata's, where Chef and Owner Heidi Krahling took me under her wing and thought me how to showcase the wonderful bounty of Marin county.  Shortly after I graduated I opened Dara's Kitchen. Within a month of opening we were hired for special events at Toby Lane winery, since then we've had a steady stream of wonderful clients.
My Grandmother taught me how to bake, my mother taught me to cook. They did not use measuring tools, just a sense of the ingredients and an idea of the method. They instilled this in me.  When I create a meal I shop first, I select what looks good, at one of our many local farmers markets, and then create my menu.
I invite you to contact me and find out more about me and my food, I truly look forward to feeding you, your family and friends, simply good food.
Dara Mulligan